Monday, June 8, 2009

Xenri - A japanese affair

Situated along Jalan Klang Lama (no, it is not in Klang, but connecting road to midvalley megamall), this is another hidden gem that is worth finding for. To spot its location, you first need to find Wisma Elken. Wisma Elken can be found beside Jalan Klang Lama, and this location is quite near to Citrus Park of OUG.

Xenri is famous for its various cooked japanese food, and of course their sashimi. It is best to visit this place on a Tuesday or Friday evening, as they import the sashimi directly from Japan during these 2 days, and it is the freshest!

Sometimes, there is something special that they serve which is not on the menu. So, be sure to ask the captain if there is any *special* offerings for the day. :)

I do not remember what the bean is called, but they are like giant version of edamame. Except, i think edamame taste better. It is not cheap too, RM20/batang

Below we have the sashimi platter. It is served nicely on a bowl of crushed ice. The sashimi taste better when colder. The sashimi that you are seeing here is hamachi/yellowtail, white tuna and salmon belly (inside the bamboo case). All 3 fishes have their unique fragrant and sweetness in their meat. a must try, and plus point is that they do not smell or taste fishy.

White tuna - sweet; yellowtail - good texture; salmon belly - fragrant!

Next, we had the spider maki. Main ingredient is soft shell crab.

Spider maki - so tasty, it's not enough!!

We also ordered their dobin mushi. It is a pot of clear soup that you drink it like how you drink chinese tea.
Dobin mushi - Pleasantly refreshing!!

Cha soba is one of our favorites, and Xenri got it right, despite it being a very simple dish...
The raw pigeon egg goes with the sauce that you dip the soba in, and it is a wonderful addition.

Next up, sukiyaki with thin slices of premium beef!
Sukiyaki - this is quite a big serving. So make sure you have enough space in your stomach for this!

Another shot of the sashimi showing the thick slices of meat. Thick and juicy. Yum!!

Pricing here is moderate. With 2 persons eating will cost ranging from RM150 - RM400(with wagyu beef), depending on what you order. All in all, nice ambience with nice food. Be sure to ask to sit inside as you will enjoy the decor while you enjoy the food. :)

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