Monday, May 25, 2009

Bijou - The Art of Italian Love

(This is a test post)

More often than not, we would frequently embark on a new eating adventure. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was so-so, but most of the time it was ok. One day, piggy asked teddy "Why not we blog about the places we have been to, especially restaurants and such?" And teddy thought it was a good idea, hence, after 9 months of gestation, this blog is born. It was born a healthy baby blog, weighing in at 4.2kgs! Can you believe that???

Being the anxious parents, teddy & piggy could not wait any more longer and brought baby blog to its first ever dining experience, nestled cosily somewhere in Mont Kiara - Bijou.

Bla bla bla and yadda yadda yadda... food was great... place was unique... tra la la... (this IS a test post only, so... )

Wow! Olive oil spaghetti with chunks of bacon!

This is one mean ceasar salad. I bet Ceasar himself never tried this before.

What do you know? Pan-seared hokkaido scallop. Italians are loving the japs too.

So all in all (again, this IS a test post), this place is actually great for small gatherings, around the crowd of 6 pax. Couples would love it too as it is nestled away from all the busy city buzz.

As you would have known by now, this is just a test post. Which means we will be revamping this post and give it a little more flavor and body, and of course, to reveal the location of this gem hidden in the city. :)