Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Blue Cow Cafe @ Plaza Damas - German Passion

In Klang Valley, there are so many good places for food, and usually, they are just some small little stalls or cafes that are hidden in the city. Making such discovery together, is really exciting (like the love teddy & piggy have for each other).

It all started one fine day, during a hot and humid afternoon, teddy suggested to piggy that they should try out this cafe in Plaza Damas, called the Fogal Meat Market. Teddy heard from somewhere that it serves good pork loins and sausages, and teddy thought that this would be refreshing, away from all the humdrum and mundane coffee shop food. So away teddy & piggy begin their mini 'adventure' to search out for this place in Plaza Damas. It is not difficult to find, just remember N-1-4, which means Block N, 1st Floor, Unit 4. However, teddy & piggy was surprised to find that there is no Fogal Meat Market, but in its place, there's this small little blue cafe called The Blue Cow Cafe. A short chat with the waitress revealed that Fogal has been renamed to Blue Cow Cafe.

First impression of the place is that the setting still resembles a meat market, with rows and rows of raw meat and sausages on display, for sale. Nearer to the back are some tables and chairs, and the impression of a little cafe is more aparent.

View taken from the back of the cafe. Place is cosy and hidden from the city buzz.

Teddy & Piggy sat at table number 8... Sigh. No wonder both of them also so kepoh!

First up, a pot of Earl Grey Tea to share, to start things off. The tea is accompanied by two very cute tiny little cookies. Their choice of tea served is Dilmah. Reasonably good tea.

Wahlau! Very the england man!!

With piggy feeling healthy, appetiser came in the form of Smoked Chicken Salad. There are 3 choices of dressing to go with- balsamic, french and thousand island. Teddy & piggy felt like french kissing... I meant, french dressing on the salad. Salad being salad, there is really nothing to shout about as it cannot go wrong with the right dressing, and french went perfectly well with it. But the leaves and tomatoes are really fresh and succulent. Will leave you craving for more...

Smoked chicken salad topped off with cheese. Perfect combo, like teddy & piggy!

Minutes later, the main dish came (Service is fast!). Teddy & piggy shared a plate of sausage sampler. The sampler comes with 4 different types of sausages, from which there is a selection of 8 that you can pick from. If you would like to try all 8 types, there is the sausage platter, that comes with 8 varieties.

Sausage convoy with mustard and apple chutney...

The sausage sampler feeds 1 medium size eater. Big eater like teddy will feel that it is not enough. But, since teddy is on a diet, teddy practices "moderation is good"...

Boerwors - for beef lovers

Italian pork sausage - flavorful! non-halal please!!

Chicken sausage - Can't go wrong with this...

Spanish spicy sausage - for those living life with a zing!

Teddy & piggy did not order much as it was supposed to be a light lunch. The next table ordered their famous pork loin. It looked really meaty and delicious... While salivating, teddy & piggy vowed to come back again to this little Blue Cow Cafe and explore what the Blue Cow Cafe has to offer to their loving hearts desire!

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